The top best surf destinations in the world

There is a reason why our longboards bear such powerful names – we have blessed them with the names of the best surfing locations in the world!

  •  Uluwatu
  • Escondido
  • Malibu
  • Pipeline

Make sure you have these following top surfing destinations pinned at the top of your bucket list!

Lets look at these inviting surf locations more closely!…


Uluwatu is situated in Bali. It’s a wide reef on the southwest tip of the Bukit Peninsula. The beaches are golden and sandy, it has clean and clear water.

Uluwatu cave entrance
Uluwatu is a cool little community perched up on a cliff. You will easily discover plenty of vendors, many of which are board rental shops.

Uluwatu Cave

You will find affordable accommodation to stay in in Uluwatu. There are surf resorts, surf camps, villas and hostels.

Uluwatu gained fame after being featured in the 1972 film ‘Morning of the Earth’ by Alby Falzon. This now cult film has no narration, it only uses music and imagery to let your mind travel along with it. Decades later, surfers from around the globe still visit this stretching  gem of a coast to experience this natural surfers paradise, full of perfect waves.

Surfing in Uluwatu is famous for consistency – it’s for advanced or expert surfers. Conditions should be good throughout the day.

Uluwatu consists of a cluster of 6 various reef breaks with many peaks (the reefs are jagged and sharp so it’s advisable to wear good quality booties)

Surfing in Uluwatu
The six main surf peaks on Uluwatu:

Uluwatu – Bali

Temples – Surfers are rewarded with a great wave and the least crowds. There is a long and hollow wave that works on the mid to high tide. It has world-class barrels

Secrets –  this is the southern peak. It includes a variety of waves to suit all tastes. Long and short, sharp and slow, even with tubes. This is the least crowded place of all the spots on Uluwatu.

The Bombie – A monster wave that only works on very large swells. The waves break away from the shore. The Bombie has an unfriendly reef – so make sure you are protected from shellfish and other  bottom dwellers!

Peak – Directly out from the cave at Uluwatu. The Peak is one of the most consistent waves in the world and works at all tide levels, but is at it’s best on the high tide.

Outside Corner – considered by many to be one of the best waves and perhaps the most iconic peaks of Uluwatu. Works on a big swell at low tide.

The Racetrack – a super fast and slick wave that is at it’s best on a low tide. Be warned that it gets extremely shallow.

There are roughly about 100 meters between each of the 6 peaks.

To enter into the water you have to go through a rocky cave. Once there you will see the entrance. Go down the famous steps and then paddle straight out where you’ll discover ‘The Racetrack’, ‘Outside Corner’, or ‘The Peak’. You can choose to walk down the staircase and venture into the other cave that will lead you to a hidden beach that is beyond perfect for serious chilling and swimming at mid tides – you’ll also be able to paddle out to ‘Secrets’ and ‘Temples’.

Other highly recommended places to surf in Uluwatu, Bali:

Padang Padang, Impossibles, Balagan, Bingin, Keramas and Canggu. And Playgrounds, Shipwrecks, and Razors in Nusa Lembongan (a small nearby island).



You need to visit Puerto Escondido!

Puerto Escondido - Mexico
Puerto Escondido – Mexico

This amazing  location sits perfectly into the Southern part of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. ‘Zicatela’ is the name of the main surfing beach that you need to head to. Perfect wave upon perfect wave lashes this surfers dream escape.

Puerto Escondido
Escondido is a small and very unique place. The people are really welcoming. It is filled with an exchange of politeness, respect and of course – coolness!

Puerto Escondido is known for it’s big, and sometimes cruel sand-bottomed barrels. There will be days however when you will find this Mexican Pipeline much friendlier.

Barreling beach breaks is what this place is famous for. In late Spring and summer months you can expect to see huge waves that can reach over 20ft. Zicatela has sadly paid claim to the lives of unfortunate surfers. Do not venture out into such waves unless you are very professional – or you are ready to possibly meet your Maker!

The season begins in late April until the start of September. Expect to still find some waves in November. In September and October  you can either find really good conditions, or really stormy ones, you just got to see for yourself. During September, October and early November it will be a lot less crowded.

It’s not common for people to surf during mid-day as the weather gets too hot. Prime surfing hours are from 7am until 11am – so make sure your’e an early bird.

Play it safe in Puerto Escondido, especially if you are an unexperienced surfer. This beach is infamous for a reason.  Don’t paddle out too far if you are a beginner! Don’t take the risk, it’s better to stay on the beach soaking up the sun than to be dragged out of the surf half dead!

Puerto Escondido - Mexico
Puerto Escondido – Mexico

There are always waves somewhere, but in the event of the surf being flat, you can always go to another beach and try out some snorkelling or diving

You’ll find nice bungalows and hotels to stay in during your stay in  Zicatela, and also some good food.

Visit Mexico and treat your surf board to the time of it’s life!

Other highly recommended places to surf  in Mexico

Barra de la Cruz:  two hours south of Puerto Escondido.

La Punta: Perfect for intermediate surfers. It’s just down the coastline from Zicatela

Carrizalillo:  is the third main surf spot in the Zicatela area, ideal for beginners.

A quick overview of the sandy beaches and their reviews from TripAdvisor:  Beaches in Puerto Escondido


You’ll easily find the best surf spots in good old Malibu! A sandy coastline of over 21 miles (34 km) and a fabulous Mediterranean climate to bask in.

Malibu beach for surfing

Malibu is a sunny beach city with a very long surfing history and world famous surfing spots. You probably don’t need us to mention that it’s located  in Los Angles, California.

Malibu is a constant surf spot all year round, but the best breaks can be found starting from late summer to early autumn.

Waves are usually between two and four feet, but have been known to rise to 20 foots walls when an angry storm is paying a visit – such as the  three-day storm that occurred in March 2014, and  another one in August of that same year.

Malibu holds enough space for everyone – the sea contains a bobbing mix of newbies, and experts who train for competitions.

Surfing in Malibu
Surfing in Malibu

What are the best surf spots in Malibu?

: Surfrider Beach

Between the Malibu Lagoon and Malibu Pier you will find  the iconic Surfrider beach. It is a highly popular spot that is part of Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

Surfrider Beach is great for all surf levels. It has a long, right-hand break.  You’ll experience world-class waves, so that means that beginners tend not to venture here.

Surfrider Beach has three main surf breaks:

First-Point – known for its long, even breaking wave – This makes it ideal for longboarders.

Second Point – known to be a bit rough and with bigger waves.

Third Point – which is located further out, known to have the biggest break.

Shortboarders usually stay with Second and Third points, especially when the water is crowded.

Make sure you also pay a visit to the Malibu Lagoon Museum – there you’ll be able to delve into the birth of surfing and find out about the interesting local history!

: Zuma Beach

Just north of Point Dume you will encounter the very famous Zuma Beach.

Zuma Beach is where the television series ‘Baywatch’ was filmed. But we are more interested in the waves! There are a variety of waves, so it attracts surfers with different skill levels. Enjoy the best swells during the summer.

Here’s a lil tip: The water here normally tends to be a bit colder, so it’s advisable to carry a wetsuit with you.

Malibu Beach, California

: County Line

At the North point of Malibu, just where Malibu meets Ventura, you will discover County Line.

Here almost all surfers will find what they are looking for – Softer beach breaks for beginners, and the right-hand Point Break at the Northern point of County Line, (which offers fantastic shaped waves) to accommodate the more experienced surfers.

Being situated in Northern Malibu allows County Line to capture more swell than the rest of Malibu, more so during the winter. County Line can cope with a larger  dose of swell. This part of Malibu offers near perfect conditions 365 days of the year. You’ll be able to find the right waves, as well as enjoy sunbathing and chilling out like a cool dude/surfer

Cool surfer dude
Cool surfer dude

: Topanga Beach

Take a small turn off the beaten path and you will find Topanga Beach. It is the perfect beach for surfing!

Here on Topanga Beach, the waves break on the rocky terrain as well as on the soft sandy beds.

The break at Topanga Beach will defiantly give you a longer ride. Although it happens to be a very popular spot for established surfers, you’ll will still find the surfers welcoming  towards newbie surfers.

The advantage of Topanga Beach is that it is less crowded than most of the other more popular beaches around the area of Malibu, and you’ll still find amenities nearby, like bathrooms, shops, and places to eat.

Keep practicing your surf moves,  and never give-up! Ride them waves in the best surfer spots – and hang 10 until your toes hurt!


Aloha! – The Banzai Pipeline is to be found in Hawaii – you will need to head towards Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea, on Oahu’s North Shore.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii
‘Surfing Hollow Days’ was the 1961 surfing film from Bruce Brown where the name ‘Pipeline’ was first used and came into existence. There was an actual pipeline under construction on the Highway at the time of filming, and it was suggested to name the break ‘pipeline’ – so that’s exactly what happened!

WATCH ‘SURFING HOLLOW DAYS’ – a surf film from Bruce Brown (1961)

The Banzai Pipeline is a notorious surf reef break that has huge waves which crash down in shallow water. The danger is that the reef is not only shallow, it is sharp and cavernous too. But it has great curls of water that surfers can tube-ride. You’ll find a total of three other reefs at Pipeline  that are in deeper water and further out at sea.

Catch some of the winter swells. They roll in to a particular part of Oahu’s North Shore. These winter swells push up onto an extremely shallow reef, which enables you to ride perfect waves which form gorgeous rideable barrels that pro surfers spend nights dreaming about. 

Banzai Pipeline – Hawaii

Caution! – Make sure you don’t get caught in the wrong part of the water, or else you can suffer serious injuries, and get your treasured surfboard busted on the shallow reef – or you could even end up pushing up daises!  – .

Banzai Pipeline is such a popular  surf spot. The surf season runs from October through till April. Hoards of surfers head for Oahu despite it’s known reputation of the dangerous reef.

The Pipeline is a surf spot that is home to the Pipeline Masters Surf Contest – ‘The Billabong Pipeline Masters’ that has been around since 1970- it is attended by the top 45 international surfers from The World Surf League who hold no fear. If you want to go, make sure you get there early!

Other highly recommended places in Oahu

Ehukai Beach Park 

A beautiful long stretch of North Shore beach. In the winter it’s ideal for standing on the edge of the water and watching the surfers in action from a short distance away. It’s not a spot for swimmers, due to the crashing waves and surfers.

In summer the waves can sometimes go flat. But you’ll be able to experience some seriously fab snorkelling in Oahu. Always make sure it’s safe to enter into the water first as conditions can change unexpectedly – best to check with the lifeguards who are on duty daily from 9 a.m – 5.30 p.m

It’s best to read some TripAdvisor reviews before you go to Ehukai Beach Park

Old Town Haleiwa

There is lots to do in this small town! You can stop off in Haleiwa before you reach Ehukair Beach Park. In Old Town Haleiwa you will find a colourful mix of rustic surf shops, memorabilia, local restaurants, entertainment, art galleries, etc. Matsumotos Shave Ice has a big reputation for being the place to experience some yummy shaved ice that’s been around since 1951 – a very popular place that can get very crowded.

Ehukai Pillbox Hike

Ehukai Pillbox Hike - Hawaii
Ehukai Pillbox Hike – Hawaii

This is a hidden secret place! It’s a secret hike that takes just 30 minutes to complete. You’ll find the Ehukai Pillbox Hike right across the road from Ehukai Beach. Enjoy this glorious walk that leads you up to the top hillside ridge. Once there, you can see two old World War II military bunkers that overlook the North Shore coastline. The views are more than breathtaking!

Ehukai Pillbox view
Ehukai Pillbox view

Sunset Beach Park, Oahu

Just drive 5 minutes up the road from Banzai Pipeline and you will find Sunset Beach Park . It’s known for its powerful rip current, called the Sunset Rip, that runs on every big swell.  Sunset Beach consists of 2 miles of perfect sand. You’ll be a witness to the most spectacular sunsets, and plenty of huge North Shore waves crashing all around you.

So, there you have it in a nutshell – these are the top surfing destinations that you must have pinned to the top of your bucket-list!


Sea Sand and Salty Smiles




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