Our Vision

Yes, we know about longboards. Yes we’ve built some damn good ones!

Our Vision…

…is fast becoming reality – we are carving a colourful Tsunami through every single street around the world – Our Asphalt Surfers movement is flowing through the urban city, taking all in it’s way who want to come for this tidal ride of a lifetime.

Sports, fun, unity, empathy, chilled vibes, awareness – these are the values behind our vision.

Lift your eyes up from social media and come together with us as you cruise, curve and slalom your way to the next level of adventure that plays in real-time with you playing the leading role, not caring about Candy Crush or who is going to give you a ‘Like’.

We want every single person on the planet to be able to jump on the best skateboard ever and get that crazy feeling of surfing waves of freedom. Annoy those jealous oldies – Break-free. get creativity vibrating through your whole body as you do what you enjoy the most – Skating!

You will feel good. Your endorphins will be buzzing. This in turn will create wonders. You will feel different. You will act different. Your mind will be more open. You will be emitting positivity, and it will spread like a huge wave. You will be skating and creating a better tomorrow! Yes, such is the power of a fine longboard beneath your feet!