Longboarding Essentials


Not sure what you need to start out longboarding?

Make sure these items are in your longboarding kit!…

Top six longboarding gear and essentials


longboarding helmets
  • Be smart and stylish at the same time. A helmet is mostly used for downhill and freeride. They come in different types – multi-impact and single-impact. It’s best to get a helmet that is CE/CPSC-certified.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) helmets are low-profile and light in weight. They are not CE/CPSC certified. These types of helmets are the one lined with foam. They are used mostly for action sports and are not multi-impact.

SXP (Surface Activated Expanded Polypropylene) helmets are CE/CPSC certified. Very lightweight and for a more aggressive riding style.

SEPP (Super Expanded Polypropylene) / EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) helmets can absorb repetitive. They have a much higher stress limit concerning the areas of breakage and flex.

A helmet made from ‘Brock Foam’ can be a good option – but it is not certified ASTM or CE for skate, snow or bike. The lining of the helmet is packed with a foam beads that are soft and takes multiple impacts. The beads create friction that is turned into kinetic energy. Brock foam helmets preform better than that standard foam pad ones.


  • If you plan to be a rough rider, then get gloves. Slide gloves have plastic ‘pucks’ on the palms and sometimes fingertips. They will protect your hands, especially when doing downhill or freeride, and also support for your wrists.


  • Avoid scraps and hurtful knocks by wearing pads. You can even get elbow and knee pads that you can wear comfortably under your clothes.


  • You’ll need to tighten loose nuts and bolts.  Get the appropriate sized socket wrenches to have tight, safe wheels and trucks.


  • Place these rubber riser pads between the deck and baseplate – this raises the board’s height, thus providing more clearance for bigger wheels. Rubber riser pads can also provide a smoother ride as they act as vibration dampeners.


  • These are an important component of your longboard set-up that will make your ride a pleasant one, or a very unpleasant one! Bushings are urethane support cushions. They are mounted on the kingpin and fit into the bushing seat on both sides of the hanger. They give adjustable levels of resistance when turning. The bushings prevent the metal components of the truck from grinding on each other. Stock brushings are made as ‘one size fits all’, but of course everyone has different body weight etc, so, play around with customising your brushings in order to get the most out of how your trucks perform.


Longboarding wheel shields:

These can stop the famous wheel-bite and nasty shoe bite from happening. No more water splashing and getting your lovely socks soaked. Stop locking wheels once and for all. Increase the life of bearings. You can invent groovy new tricks by balancing on your tippy-toes on the wheel shields. If these babes are for you, then check out these crazy WHEEL SHEILD’S on ODDITY MALL

LED lights for longboards:

Light up the night with beautiful LED lights for your longboard  – kind’a unnecessary, but very nice – yeah, why not glow in the dark and have your posing ass spotted from miles away

Look for sexy longboarding LED lights that come as lights that are built into the wheels, as stripes that you can fix to the underside of your board, or  ‘Underglow Lights’ that will instantly make you the brightest show-off on four wheels. Your show-off lights should be lightweight, water-proof of course, being shock-proof will help. Try to get longboarding LED lights that are easy to attach and replace.

Skater baseball caps:

Skate like a drunken monkey and still look like a pro in a funky skater baseball cap. To be sure to get that cool old school look – turn your cap backwards!

Look the part in our very own CMYK baseball-cap – top notch quality, sewn logo – Available real soon!



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