Find your riding style


Which riding style is right for you?

Here are the main 4 longboard styles that are worth checking out…

  • Cruising – The best length of board ranges between 28 and 46 inches.

Commute through the streets on your way to work, or glide to your place of leisure in smooth style. Standing on a 28-46 inch longboard is great in that it provides stability and feels comfy. Many causing boards are used for getting around town or riding to the beach.

  • Freestyle – Feel liberated! Freestyle is just what it says – taste the freedom of no restrictions or rules – test the limits – create your own style and moves. A freestyle board lets you choose any size that you want, and any shape that suits your fancy.
  • Freeride – Length : 38 – 42 inches

For a Freeride board, you will need to choose a board that provides more stability. This is because  you will experience a ride which includes slides and curbs – Freeride means ‘a board for riding over hills’. If you stay between 38 to 42 inches you will be in for a ride that is more stable.

  • Downhill – Length : 36 inches and upwards

A Downhill longboard is for those that love the taste of pure speed. You will need a longboard that is a minimum of 36 inches under your feet if you don’t want to quickly loose control. Downhill can be dangerous, so it is not recommended at all for skaters who are beginners.

Other styles that fit the above categories include…

  • Carving
  • Park
  • Commuter




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