How to choose the right size longboard

It’s easy!

Choosing the right sized skateboard or longboard does not have to be confusing – first decide which actual type of board  you would prefer! Full-size, mid-size, mini, mico?

Here is a rough guideline. Sizes may vary depending on where you purchase your board.

Longboard sizes:

  • Full size – Deck 7.5″ or longer. Recommended for skaters over 13 years – Shoe size 9 and up.
  • Mid size – Deck width 7.3″. Best for skaters 9 – 12 years old – Shoes size 7 – 8
  • Mini – Deck width 7.0″. Best for skaters 6 -8 years old -Shoes size 4 – 6
  • Micro – Deck with 6.5″. Recommended for skaters 5 years and under – Shoes size 3 or smaller
  • Now make sure that your feet feel comfortable standing on the board.

Most people prefer to stand in a regular stance. A regular stance is when you stand on the skateboard or longboard with your left foot forward. If you happen to be left-handed, you will probably then have your right leg forward.

What does ‘Longboard size’ actually mean?

The Longboard size is the size of the platform that you stand on – this is called ‘the deck’. Width and length are the measurements that are usually used. Decks that have a width range from 7″ to 10″ are suitable for most riders.

  • Short skateboards are usually between 6″ to 8.5″
  • Longboards usually start from 50″ and upwards
  • Widths are between 6″ to 8.5″

Why the right size longboard is important…

The right size longboard is important depending on what you have in mind – Just cruising? Doing tricks and daring stunts? Heading downhill at top speed?

The correct sized board will assist you to preform skater tricks and try out great manoeuvres. You’ll be able to preform your skating goals really easily and in a controlled way when you have the right sized board under your feet – and of course you’ll be able to regulate your speed.

Here’s a video from Mr. Extremein explaining how to choose your board…

 So, what do you think are the most important things to look out for when choosing the correct sized skate or longboard?

Have we missed anything?

We’d love to receive your opinions!




Find your riding style

Which riding style is right for you?

Here are the main 4 longboard styles that are worth checking out…

  • Cruising – The best length of board ranges between 28 and 46 inches.

Commute through the streets on your way to work, or glide to your place of leisure in smooth style. Standing on a 28-46 inch longboard is great in that it provides stability and feels comfy. Many causing boards are used for getting around town or riding to the beach.

  • Freestyle – Feel liberated! Freestyle is just what it says – taste the freedom of no restrictions or rules – test the limits – create your own style and moves. A freestyle board lets you choose any size that you want, and any shape that suits your fancy.
  • Freeride – Length : 38 – 42 inches

For a Freeride board, you will need to choose a board that provides more stability. This is because  you will experience a ride which includes slides and curbs – Freeride means ‘a board for riding over hills’. If you stay between 38 to 42 inches you will be in for a ride that is more stable.

  • Downhill – Length : 36 inches and upwards

A Downhill longboard is for those that love the taste of pure speed. You will need a longboard that is a minimum of 36 inches under your feet if you don’t want to quickly loose control. Downhill can be dangerous, so it is not recommended at all for skaters who are beginners.

Other styles that fit the above categories include…

  • Carving
  • Park
  • Commuter




When did longboarding start?

A short history of longboarding

Longboarding began back in the fifties. It was born in Oahu, Hawaii, and quickly cruised over to California, U.S.A where longboarding was almost instantly crowned the new trend among the beach culture.

And did you know that the very first longboards were actually known as ‘sidewalk surfing’! Yep, what a name!

Vintage 1960’s to late 70’s ‘Sidewalk Surfing’ footage

When was the first time a longboard was shown in a movie!?

The first time a longboard was seen on the big screen was probably in Ben Stiller’s 2013 movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ (A great film to watch if you haven’t seen it already!)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Longboarding scene
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter (Ben Stiller) ends up in Greenland and then in Iceland – the fabulous longboarding scene starts as the local volcano is about to erupt. Walter jumps onto his longboard and for 2 minutes he has a spectacular ride through the remote and twisting roads that cut through the landscape of Iceland – He holds stones in his hands instead of gloves as he takes the turns – a real Asphalt Surfer indeed!

You can see the Walter Mitty longboarding scene below…

A little more depth…

The evolution of longboarding: It crawled out of the sea and onto land

Longboarding was born out of a need to recreate surfing magic on the asphalt roads.

1959 was the first ever year that longboards were officially unleashed via enticing marketing tactics onto the everyday person in the street.

Surfers crawled out of the waters in Hawaii and glided over to the United States. Longboarding gave surfers the possibility to cope with the cold turkey feeling of days out of the water. When the weather conditions churned up unsurfable waters, surfers could still go out and have the same feeling of riding the surf upon the pavements and asphalt.

The phenomenon of downhill

If you don’t know what ‘Downhill’ is – it is the art of riding on a longboard down hills as fast as possible! The talent lies in keeping the board under full control. Riders should wear special protection, as a fall in excess of 80mph can be very nasty indeed. The UK rider Pete Connolly holds the current Guinness World Record for downhill – In 2017, he reached an incredible  speed of 146.73 mph / 91.17 mph to become the fastest man in history on a longboard.

The actual birth of ‘Downhill’… Tom Sims made his impact on the longboarding (and snowboarding) scene in the 70’s. Tom Sims was a surfer from Santa Barbara. He was the pioneer of the phenomenon of downhill as we know it. He fearlessly sped down mountain roads, and all kinds of slopes – And soon afterwards everyone wanted to do it. Downhill became the new extreme sport. You may have already seen Tom Sims on the big screen – he was the primary snowboarding stunt double for Roger Moore in the James Bond movie ‘A View to a Kill’.

A rare clip of Tom Sims (1976) – Pioneer of skateboarding and snowboarding along with team members Steve Monohan and Edie Robertson

In those early days, longboards had robust components  – the wheels were made of metal, and the decks were made out of fibreglass – These first longboards were initially criticized as being unsafe. So, shortly after, the decks began to be made out of wood. The metal wheels were replaced by clay ones, and then the clay wheels were replaced by urethane ones!

The first longboards
The first longboards

These evolving changes made the longboards safer, and they became widely more acceptable among parents who were nagged by their children for one. And, before anyone knew what was happening ‘sidewalk surfing’ sprang into existence as a sport in its own right – gaining ground and an insane popularity that ultimately melted into the of skateboarding craze that exploded in the 60’s and went on into the 70’s.  Skateboarding/longboarding is very much alive today as you surely know – Just take a look around you. Watch the different shapes, blends, and many styles and disciplines whizz past and continue to evolve!

Longboarding is the result an unceasing renaissance, conceived by Mama Surfboard and Papa Skateboard

Asphalt Surfers

From surfboarding to longboarding

So, it’s clear that the longboard emerged from the art of surfing.  It’s the chubby, growing baby of Mama Surfboard and Papa Skateboard. Longboarding is a vast subculture full of urban myths, legends, unwritten rules and colourful communities. Rituals are built and new words are shaped in this dynamic subculture.

Surfboard longboards
Surfing the streets

Longboards and shortboards came out at the same time. The longboards had technical limitations and were left in the shadows until they were rediscovered in the 90’s.  This was due to advances in technology which allowed for stability, precision and speed to be fed into longboards. 

The evolution of the Skateboard/Longboard – Quick timeline overview:

Click on the image to go to the timeline!

Skateboard - Longboard history timeline

Street skate…

In Los Angeles, the evolution of half-pipes and the use of empty pools emerged as skating terrain. In New York the sidewalks/pavements were used.
The new millennium saw longboarding really take off. It happened in New York where the scene is now perfectly structured. 
Longboarding has certainly made it’s mark throughout the world – nearly every country and island has it own personal champion. From it’s humble beginnings in Hawaii, across America, and spreading to every continent, longboarding is here to stay!  

Make sure you leave your mark!




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The top 10 best places for crazy downhill! 

Switzerland downhill road

Can you do downhill in Barcelona?

Yes, there are some spots that insiders will tell you about, such as Passatge Pearson, or the winding roads surrounding Cementri Montjuic. But overall, Barcelona is not the place where downhill enthusiasts flock.

We mention Barcelona because that is where we are based – it’s a bustling city and province in a perfect location – sun, sea, nightlife, escapism to small surrounding towns and villages, not to mention good food and affordable tasty wines.

Even in this mega busy city you will still find space to longboard. But it’s wiser to take a ride out of the city centre and escape a few kilometres away to find amazing wide promenades to cruise down – with the Mediterranean sea just a few metres away. We are situated in the beachside town of Castelldefels – we have the perfect promenade for cruising on a longboard at our feet! The Castelldefels promenade is highly suitable for jogging, cycling and of course longboarding – the is even a small skate park. Castelldefels promenade is long and wide enough to accommodate all – You might annoy a few people if you whizz by like a lunatic though!

But what if you’re a little crazy and want more of an adventure! – More speed, more slopes, danger and risks? And you want to get the adrenaline really pumping!

this part is for all you crazy downhill freaks…

Forget the boring flat landscapes for cruising and taking it easy –

Here are our top 10 crazy locations for downhill


Col de Braus


Col de Turini, France


Taiwan is the 4th most mountainous islands in the world. Tropical climate, millions of people, deep history, and some of craziest paved roads you can imagine. Watch as the crew explore the massive city sprawl of Taipei and then venture deep into the countryside mountains where no one has skated before.

Keelung Taiwan


Seoul, South Korea




Donner Pass is known as the treacherous path westward in which travelers in the mid-1800s resulted to cannibalism to survive the harsh conditions. Yes…they ate each other to stay alive. Fast forward to modern time 200+ years later, and the picturesque 2.4 mile highway has caught the eye of some of the world’s top downhill skateboarders. With it’s elevation change of over 2,000 feet, aggressive corners and possible top speeds of up to 45 mph, the Sector 9 team took advantage of the closed road to explore the dangers that lurk at every corner. Watch Louis Pilloni, A.J. Haiby, Jimmy Riha, Micah Green, and Jackson Shapiera rip down one of the coolest stretches of road on the planet in this killer POV of their session.



A very beautiful place with waterfalls.

Titan’s Path, Norway – Lysevegen Hill

Stalheimskleiva, Norway


Here’s a location that you didn’t expect to see! – Some longboarding in Jamaica. You’ll easily find just the hills you were dreaming about here. The runs in this clip are of Fern Gully, and the road with the trucks is called Truck Hill. Be sure to see this vid, if only for the cool tunes!

I’ve been to Jamaica myself a few times, and I truly admire the skaters who have dared to do downhill on steep Jamaican roads – DANGEROUS – even if you’re a pedestrian. Oncoming traffic and goats can easily put an abrupt end to your dream holiday in Jamaica!

Bonus below:

Various satisfying downhill longboarding locations:

How to go fast on your longboard safely

by Loaded Newsletter

Know your limits. Try to reach them, not exceed them. Especially when starting out.

This is how NOT to do it! 

Please wear safety gear!!!




The top best surf destinations in the world

There is a reason why our longboards bear such powerful names – we have blessed them with the names of the best surfing locations in the world!

  •  Uluwatu
  • Escondido
  • Malibu
  • Pipeline

Make sure you have these following top surfing destinations pinned at the top of your bucket list!

Lets look at these inviting surf locations more closely!…


Uluwatu is situated in Bali. It’s a wide reef on the southwest tip of the Bukit Peninsula. The beaches are golden and sandy, it has clean and clear water.

Uluwatu cave entrance
Uluwatu is a cool little community perched up on a cliff. You will easily discover plenty of vendors, many of which are board rental shops.

Uluwatu Cave

You will find affordable accommodation to stay in in Uluwatu. There are surf resorts, surf camps, villas and hostels.

Uluwatu gained fame after being featured in the 1972 film ‘Morning of the Earth’ by Alby Falzon. This now cult film has no narration, it only uses music and imagery to let your mind travel along with it. Decades later, surfers from around the globe still visit this stretching  gem of a coast to experience this natural surfers paradise, full of perfect waves.

Surfing in Uluwatu is famous for consistency – it’s for advanced or expert surfers. Conditions should be good throughout the day.

Uluwatu consists of a cluster of 6 various reef breaks with many peaks (the reefs are jagged and sharp so it’s advisable to wear good quality booties)

Surfing in Uluwatu
The six main surf peaks on Uluwatu:

Uluwatu – Bali

Temples – Surfers are rewarded with a great wave and the least crowds. There is a long and hollow wave that works on the mid to high tide. It has world-class barrels

Secrets –  this is the southern peak. It includes a variety of waves to suit all tastes. Long and short, sharp and slow, even with tubes. This is the least crowded place of all the spots on Uluwatu.

The Bombie – A monster wave that only works on very large swells. The waves break away from the shore. The Bombie has an unfriendly reef – so make sure you are protected from shellfish and other  bottom dwellers!

Peak – Directly out from the cave at Uluwatu. The Peak is one of the most consistent waves in the world and works at all tide levels, but is at it’s best on the high tide.

Outside Corner – considered by many to be one of the best waves and perhaps the most iconic peaks of Uluwatu. Works on a big swell at low tide.

The Racetrack – a super fast and slick wave that is at it’s best on a low tide. Be warned that it gets extremely shallow.

There are roughly about 100 meters between each of the 6 peaks.

To enter into the water you have to go through a rocky cave. Once there you will see the entrance. Go down the famous steps and then paddle straight out where you’ll discover ‘The Racetrack’, ‘Outside Corner’, or ‘The Peak’. You can choose to walk down the staircase and venture into the other cave that will lead you to a hidden beach that is beyond perfect for serious chilling and swimming at mid tides – you’ll also be able to paddle out to ‘Secrets’ and ‘Temples’.

Other highly recommended places to surf in Uluwatu, Bali:

Padang Padang, Impossibles, Balagan, Bingin, Keramas and Canggu. And Playgrounds, Shipwrecks, and Razors in Nusa Lembongan (a small nearby island).



You need to visit Puerto Escondido!

Puerto Escondido - Mexico
Puerto Escondido – Mexico

This amazing  location sits perfectly into the Southern part of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. ‘Zicatela’ is the name of the main surfing beach that you need to head to. Perfect wave upon perfect wave lashes this surfers dream escape.

Puerto Escondido
Escondido is a small and very unique place. The people are really welcoming. It is filled with an exchange of politeness, respect and of course – coolness!

Puerto Escondido is known for it’s big, and sometimes cruel sand-bottomed barrels. There will be days however when you will find this Mexican Pipeline much friendlier.

Barreling beach breaks is what this place is famous for. In late Spring and summer months you can expect to see huge waves that can reach over 20ft. Zicatela has sadly paid claim to the lives of unfortunate surfers. Do not venture out into such waves unless you are very professional – or you are ready to possibly meet your Maker!

The season begins in late April until the start of September. Expect to still find some waves in November. In September and October  you can either find really good conditions, or really stormy ones, you just got to see for yourself. During September, October and early November it will be a lot less crowded.

It’s not common for people to surf during mid-day as the weather gets too hot. Prime surfing hours are from 7am until 11am – so make sure your’e an early bird.

Play it safe in Puerto Escondido, especially if you are an unexperienced surfer. This beach is infamous for a reason.  Don’t paddle out too far if you are a beginner! Don’t take the risk, it’s better to stay on the beach soaking up the sun than to be dragged out of the surf half dead!

Puerto Escondido - Mexico
Puerto Escondido – Mexico

There are always waves somewhere, but in the event of the surf being flat, you can always go to another beach and try out some snorkelling or diving

You’ll find nice bungalows and hotels to stay in during your stay in  Zicatela, and also some good food.

Visit Mexico and treat your surf board to the time of it’s life!

Other highly recommended places to surf  in Mexico

Barra de la Cruz:  two hours south of Puerto Escondido.

La Punta: Perfect for intermediate surfers. It’s just down the coastline from Zicatela

Carrizalillo:  is the third main surf spot in the Zicatela area, ideal for beginners.

A quick overview of the sandy beaches and their reviews from TripAdvisor:  Beaches in Puerto Escondido


You’ll easily find the best surf spots in good old Malibu! A sandy coastline of over 21 miles (34 km) and a fabulous Mediterranean climate to bask in.

Malibu beach for surfing

Malibu is a sunny beach city with a very long surfing history and world famous surfing spots. You probably don’t need us to mention that it’s located  in Los Angles, California.

Malibu is a constant surf spot all year round, but the best breaks can be found starting from late summer to early autumn.

Waves are usually between two and four feet, but have been known to rise to 20 foots walls when an angry storm is paying a visit – such as the  three-day storm that occurred in March 2014, and  another one in August of that same year.

Malibu holds enough space for everyone – the sea contains a bobbing mix of newbies, and experts who train for competitions.

Surfing in Malibu
Surfing in Malibu

What are the best surf spots in Malibu?

: Surfrider Beach

Between the Malibu Lagoon and Malibu Pier you will find  the iconic Surfrider beach. It is a highly popular spot that is part of Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

Surfrider Beach is great for all surf levels. It has a long, right-hand break.  You’ll experience world-class waves, so that means that beginners tend not to venture here.

Surfrider Beach has three main surf breaks:

First-Point – known for its long, even breaking wave – This makes it ideal for longboarders.

Second Point – known to be a bit rough and with bigger waves.

Third Point – which is located further out, known to have the biggest break.

Shortboarders usually stay with Second and Third points, especially when the water is crowded.

Make sure you also pay a visit to the Malibu Lagoon Museum – there you’ll be able to delve into the birth of surfing and find out about the interesting local history!

: Zuma Beach

Just north of Point Dume you will encounter the very famous Zuma Beach.

Zuma Beach is where the television series ‘Baywatch’ was filmed. But we are more interested in the waves! There are a variety of waves, so it attracts surfers with different skill levels. Enjoy the best swells during the summer.

Here’s a lil tip: The water here normally tends to be a bit colder, so it’s advisable to carry a wetsuit with you.

Malibu Beach, California

: County Line

At the North point of Malibu, just where Malibu meets Ventura, you will discover County Line.

Here almost all surfers will find what they are looking for – Softer beach breaks for beginners, and the right-hand Point Break at the Northern point of County Line, (which offers fantastic shaped waves) to accommodate the more experienced surfers.

Being situated in Northern Malibu allows County Line to capture more swell than the rest of Malibu, more so during the winter. County Line can cope with a larger  dose of swell. This part of Malibu offers near perfect conditions 365 days of the year. You’ll be able to find the right waves, as well as enjoy sunbathing and chilling out like a cool dude/surfer

Cool surfer dude
Cool surfer dude

: Topanga Beach

Take a small turn off the beaten path and you will find Topanga Beach. It is the perfect beach for surfing!

Here on Topanga Beach, the waves break on the rocky terrain as well as on the soft sandy beds.

The break at Topanga Beach will defiantly give you a longer ride. Although it happens to be a very popular spot for established surfers, you’ll will still find the surfers welcoming  towards newbie surfers.

The advantage of Topanga Beach is that it is less crowded than most of the other more popular beaches around the area of Malibu, and you’ll still find amenities nearby, like bathrooms, shops, and places to eat.

Keep practicing your surf moves,  and never give-up! Ride them waves in the best surfer spots – and hang 10 until your toes hurt!


Aloha! – The Banzai Pipeline is to be found in Hawaii – you will need to head towards Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea, on Oahu’s North Shore.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii
‘Surfing Hollow Days’ was the 1961 surfing film from Bruce Brown where the name ‘Pipeline’ was first used and came into existence. There was an actual pipeline under construction on the Highway at the time of filming, and it was suggested to name the break ‘pipeline’ – so that’s exactly what happened!

WATCH ‘SURFING HOLLOW DAYS’ – a surf film from Bruce Brown (1961)

The Banzai Pipeline is a notorious surf reef break that has huge waves which crash down in shallow water. The danger is that the reef is not only shallow, it is sharp and cavernous too. But it has great curls of water that surfers can tube-ride. You’ll find a total of three other reefs at Pipeline  that are in deeper water and further out at sea.

Catch some of the winter swells. They roll in to a particular part of Oahu’s North Shore. These winter swells push up onto an extremely shallow reef, which enables you to ride perfect waves which form gorgeous rideable barrels that pro surfers spend nights dreaming about. 

Banzai Pipeline – Hawaii

Caution! – Make sure you don’t get caught in the wrong part of the water, or else you can suffer serious injuries, and get your treasured surfboard busted on the shallow reef – or you could even end up pushing up daises!  – .

Banzai Pipeline is such a popular  surf spot. The surf season runs from October through till April. Hoards of surfers head for Oahu despite it’s known reputation of the dangerous reef.

The Pipeline is a surf spot that is home to the Pipeline Masters Surf Contest – ‘The Billabong Pipeline Masters’ that has been around since 1970- it is attended by the top 45 international surfers from The World Surf League who hold no fear. If you want to go, make sure you get there early!

Other highly recommended places in Oahu

Ehukai Beach Park 

A beautiful long stretch of North Shore beach. In the winter it’s ideal for standing on the edge of the water and watching the surfers in action from a short distance away. It’s not a spot for swimmers, due to the crashing waves and surfers.

In summer the waves can sometimes go flat. But you’ll be able to experience some seriously fab snorkelling in Oahu. Always make sure it’s safe to enter into the water first as conditions can change unexpectedly – best to check with the lifeguards who are on duty daily from 9 a.m – 5.30 p.m

It’s best to read some TripAdvisor reviews before you go to Ehukai Beach Park

Old Town Haleiwa

There is lots to do in this small town! You can stop off in Haleiwa before you reach Ehukair Beach Park. In Old Town Haleiwa you will find a colourful mix of rustic surf shops, memorabilia, local restaurants, entertainment, art galleries, etc. Matsumotos Shave Ice has a big reputation for being the place to experience some yummy shaved ice that’s been around since 1951 – a very popular place that can get very crowded.

Ehukai Pillbox Hike

Ehukai Pillbox Hike - Hawaii
Ehukai Pillbox Hike – Hawaii

This is a hidden secret place! It’s a secret hike that takes just 30 minutes to complete. You’ll find the Ehukai Pillbox Hike right across the road from Ehukai Beach. Enjoy this glorious walk that leads you up to the top hillside ridge. Once there, you can see two old World War II military bunkers that overlook the North Shore coastline. The views are more than breathtaking!

Ehukai Pillbox view
Ehukai Pillbox view

Sunset Beach Park, Oahu

Just drive 5 minutes up the road from Banzai Pipeline and you will find Sunset Beach Park . It’s known for its powerful rip current, called the Sunset Rip, that runs on every big swell.  Sunset Beach consists of 2 miles of perfect sand. You’ll be a witness to the most spectacular sunsets, and plenty of huge North Shore waves crashing all around you.

So, there you have it in a nutshell – these are the top surfing destinations that you must have pinned to the top of your bucket-list!


Sea Sand and Salty Smiles




The BEST skateboarding movies


We have included short descriptions and the trailers for what we think are the best skateboarding movies!…

 It’s then up to you to decide if you wanna go search and sit through the whole movie – if you do – go buy whatever your vice is – booze, soda, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, a big fat spliff, or a cup of tea and a cheese and pickle sarnie, – and we hope you enjoy! 

Lords of Dogtown (2005)

 See the trailer below. A great movie staring Heath Ledger. About 3 surf and skateboarder dudes in the Venice beach area of L.A. They rise to skate fame in the early 1970’s, but things start to tear them apart.
Lords of Dogtown…

Gleaming the Cube (1989)

See trailer below. Featuring a very young Christian Slater. His character ‘Brian Kelly’ knows that a rouge cop is the villain that murdered his brother. Brian sets out with his skateboard in search of justice!

Thrashin’ (1986)

See the cheesy trailer below. Thrashin’ is filled with great 80’s skating moments! – Skate park, downhill etc. It has also been quoted to be like Romeo and Juliet on skateboards (lots of romance) Still an awesome movie though. You can even catch a cool clip of ‘The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ in their younger days! Set in San Fernando Valley, California, two skateboarding gangs battle each other for supremacy, and a member of one gang falls in love with the sister of his rival – what could go wrong!


Highway Gospel (2011)

 See the trailer below. A heartfelt documentary film by Jaret Belliveau and Craig Jackson. Follow the skate community and the skateboarding ambitions of Jody ‘Schnitzel’ Wilcox after heart surgery, Noah Weshe, Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons 

A great combination of skateboard history, the grass root efforts that make it and how much fun it is to have a piece of wood with wheels. The details of contest planning/participation, longboard culture and dedication to the skateboard community is all covered in the “Gospel”.

Made in Venice (2016)

See the trailer below. This is the true inside story about the dedicated skateboarders in Venice and Santa Monica (AKA Dogtown) California. ‘Made in Venice’ is a documentary film that follows the endless struggle to make the dream of a skatepark come true. Featuring Jesse Martinez (80’s pro skater / street skating legend / Founding member of the Venice Skatepark Foundation) Christian Hosoi (80’s pro super skater) Jay ‘Boy’ Adams (Original Z-Boy, skate legend and surfer)
Made in Venice…



CMYK Longboards

Longboarding Essentials

Not sure what you need to start out longboarding?

Make sure these items are in your longboarding kit!…

Top six longboarding gear and essentials


longboarding helmets
  • Be smart and stylish at the same time. A helmet is mostly used for downhill and freeride. They come in different types – multi-impact and single-impact. It’s best to get a helmet that is CE/CPSC-certified.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) helmets are low-profile and light in weight. They are not CE/CPSC certified. These types of helmets are the one lined with foam. They are used mostly for action sports and are not multi-impact.

SXP (Surface Activated Expanded Polypropylene) helmets are CE/CPSC certified. Very lightweight and for a more aggressive riding style.

SEPP (Super Expanded Polypropylene) / EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) helmets can absorb repetitive. They have a much higher stress limit concerning the areas of breakage and flex.

A helmet made from ‘Brock Foam’ can be a good option – but it is not certified ASTM or CE for skate, snow or bike. The lining of the helmet is packed with a foam beads that are soft and takes multiple impacts. The beads create friction that is turned into kinetic energy. Brock foam helmets preform better than that standard foam pad ones.


  • If you plan to be a rough rider, then get gloves. Slide gloves have plastic ‘pucks’ on the palms and sometimes fingertips. They will protect your hands, especially when doing downhill or freeride, and also support for your wrists.


  • Avoid scraps and hurtful knocks by wearing pads. You can even get elbow and knee pads that you can wear comfortably under your clothes.


  • You’ll need to tighten loose nuts and bolts.  Get the appropriate sized socket wrenches to have tight, safe wheels and trucks.


  • Place these rubber riser pads between the deck and baseplate – this raises the board’s height, thus providing more clearance for bigger wheels. Rubber riser pads can also provide a smoother ride as they act as vibration dampeners.


  • These are an important component of your longboard set-up that will make your ride a pleasant one, or a very unpleasant one! Bushings are urethane support cushions. They are mounted on the kingpin and fit into the bushing seat on both sides of the hanger. They give adjustable levels of resistance when turning. The bushings prevent the metal components of the truck from grinding on each other. Stock brushings are made as ‘one size fits all’, but of course everyone has different body weight etc, so, play around with customising your brushings in order to get the most out of how your trucks perform.


Longboarding wheel shields:

These can stop the famous wheel-bite and nasty shoe bite from happening. No more water splashing and getting your lovely socks soaked. Stop locking wheels once and for all. Increase the life of bearings. You can invent groovy new tricks by balancing on your tippy-toes on the wheel shields. If these babes are for you, then check out these crazy WHEEL SHEILD’S on ODDITY MALL

LED lights for longboards:

Light up the night with beautiful LED lights for your longboard  – kind’a unnecessary, but very nice – yeah, why not glow in the dark and have your posing ass spotted from miles away

Look for sexy longboarding LED lights that come as lights that are built into the wheels, as stripes that you can fix to the underside of your board, or  ‘Underglow Lights’ that will instantly make you the brightest show-off on four wheels. Your show-off lights should be lightweight, water-proof of course, being shock-proof will help. Try to get longboarding LED lights that are easy to attach and replace.

Skater baseball caps:

Skate like a drunken monkey and still look like a pro in a funky skater baseball cap. To be sure to get that cool old school look – turn your cap backwards!

Look the part in our very own CMYK baseball-cap – top notch quality, sewn logo – Available real soon!



cmyk longboards

Girl Longboarders

Got a problem with girl longboarders?

We don’t see why there is so much fuss about whether girls can longboard or not – the simple answer is ‘of course they damn well can’!

Long gone are the times when girls couldn’t vote, were not supposed to drive, couldn’t show their knees, couldn’t take part in a Marathon, were not supposed to have short cropped hair, couldn’t breast feed in public when they were faced with a hungry baby in their arms, couldn’t burp or pass wind in company – oops, they’re still not supposed to do the latter are they!

A girl on a skateboard, preposterous! I hear the voice of the macho ones screaming, echoing the voice of their great grandfathers.

Asphalt Surfers

Well, too bad! Girls of all shapes, sizes, colours and religions are jumping on boards and doing their thing!

What I personally don’t like about girl longboarders.. the stereotypical image that is always portrayed, and which many young girls attempt to live-up to.

Try searching for an image of a skater girl who looks like an every day girl who just wants to skate with skater passion in her appearance. Chances are you will find girls who seem more concerned with exhibiting fashion, flowing hair, looking dazzling, too cool for school, or trying too hard to look like a tough cookie like in an early Avril Lavigne video.

I would be so much happier to see many more images of everyday girls, looking just like the girls in the photo at the top of this Blog post.

Skater girls don’t need to look like models in skimpy shorts, butt-cheeks hanging out. Golden, silky tresses. And exhibit perfect Instagram poses when on a skate or longboard. But for now, that seems to be how skater girls are shown. I have no idea if they actually like being portrayed this way, but that is what seems to be happening all around.

Don’t get me wrong, I also hate to see the typical stereotype skater boy images. But seriously, the ratio in which the girls are shown as ‘sexy dolls on a board’ is quite alarming for me! – And don’t get me started on how girls are shown on surf and kiteboards! Titty and butt-cheeks galore.

Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.

But here is some hope…

Take ‘The Longboard Girls Crew’ for instance…

The Longboard Girls Crew – Photo courtesy of Salty Peaks

The Longboard Girls Crew consists of real women, all shapes and colours doing something that they love –

This is their story…

This amazing all female, international longboard community was created in Madrid, Spain in 2010, co-founded by Valeria Kechichian. The aim was to get more girls and women involved in sports, as in many places it’s still dominated by males, and females are left out and made to feel very unwelcome.

The way females are portrayed and perceived by society as the weaker, fragile sex has to change once and for all. Females are more than capable of reaching peak performance in anything they put their minds to.

The Longboarding Girl Crew consists of real riders and not models. They are here to help break down all the fluffy, girly stereotypes that surrounds females who go after their passion and exhibit hardworking, dedication and ambition. These longboarding females are now gaining credit and long overdue exposure.

The Longboard Girls Crew started shooting videos that inspired women to start skating, showing them that they could do it too, how accessible it was and how much fun could had. Before they knew it, people from all over the world were watching their videos and with this, the movement had begun.

Their videos quickly spread all around the globe. Women from every corner of the planet began joining this awesome community.  Things really took off on The Longboard Girls Crews Facebook account, everyone was creating content and wanting to get involved.

It has never been about how good you were, how fast you can go, or how many tricks you can land – it has always been about fun and inspiring others.

The Longboard Girls Crew

With such a huge fast growing community, The Longboard Girls Crew began to host local skate gatherings, events and contests. They quickly turned into international meets – and now they host global meets!  Girls from all over the world have joined forces to use skate as a means of fun and empowerment.


Up to this present date, Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) has successfully grown into the biggest community in the action sports industry and it’s one of the biggest female communities in the world, acknowledged in more than 180 countries. You’ll find quite a few of them listed farther down. 

Today, LGC continues to work relentlessly to support and promote women through action sports as it’s still much needed in order to destroy the old stereotypes and bring more freedom to many females in a male dominated world. They have also developed a non-profit association in order to empower females in certain countries, using longboarding as a tool for change, creating more and more powerful role models – females are encouraged to be part of the change in the world that needs to be seen!

Doing something ‘like a woman’ or “like a girl” means being a badass.

The Longboard Girls Crew

Watch ‘Carving The Mountains’, from Juan Rayos

A lovely 4 minuite video:  A spring afternoon through the mountains – Madrid, Spain

LONGBOARD WOMEN UNITED is officially a platform of social and humanitarian contribution, creating social projects, helping and partnering-up with different associations and NGOs around the world empowering humans in need, mostly but not exclusively through skate and longboarding. It’s time to take it to the next level.

How Longboard Women United are helping the community:

Spreading love, self-esteem, respect, education and support by means of social projects. Partnering-up with initiatives by providing financial and material support and media exposure.

They also help children who face terminal illness or life altering diseases, as well as people who live in neighborhoods where teenage pregnancy rates are extremely high. They help survivors of human trafficking, refugees and people in extremely disadvantaged areas all around the world.

The Longboard Girls Crew ONG non-profit community

You too can actively assist by simply helping to spread the word or heading over to The Longboarding Girls Crew website and making a donation. You can read more on and see the actual communities that are being helped here on the official Longboard Girls Crew Non-Profit webpage

In which countries are the Longboard Girl Crews located?

Well, there are many locations of crews peppered all over the world – here is an extensive list of the countries where you will find your Longboard Girls crew!…

  • Argentina.
  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Ecuador.
  • Finland.
  • France
  • Germany.
  • Greece.
  • Guatamala.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Israel.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Korea.
  • Latvia.
  • Malaysia.
  • Mexico.
  • Netherlands.
  • New Zealand.
  • Norway.
  • Panama.
  • Peru.
  • Phillipines.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • Puerto rico.
  • Romania.
  • Russia.
  • Singapore.
  • Slovakia.
  • South Africa.
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland.
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey.
  • U.A.E
  • Uruguay.
  • U.S.A
  • U.K
  • Venezuela.
  • Vietnam.

Find and join a Longboard Girls Crew in your country!…

Go to the Longboard Girl Crew’s site to find your group

There is no “I don’t know them so I don’t care”. We’re all in this together and empathy and compassion are stronger than hate or jealousy when put into action. We want to bring those feelings of joy and empowerment to as many humans in need as possible.

The Longboard Girls Crew

If you have an initiative and would like to partner-up with The Longboarding Girls Crew, please drop them a line at

Yes, longboarding can change the world!



CMYK Longboards

The best vintage skateboarding clips and documentaries on Youtube!

Before longboarding, there was of course skateboarding…

Here is our very own ‘top ten of old school skateboarding’ clips and documentaries to be found on Youtube!


Info: Clay wheels were originally intended for roller-rink skates, that were ridden on smooth hardwood surfaces. Clays were used througout the 1960’s


Be sure to let us know if you think there are better clips or documentaries out there!