The ULUWATU is the perfect longboard for girls as well as guys

We have designed the ULUWATU longboard especially with girls in mind!

Well, this longboard is not just for the ladies, it’s a fantastic gender neutral board – It just happens to be very popular with the female longboarding community!

Let’s face it, most boards on the market are aimed to project an image of ‘the cool looking guy’. But what about those of us who just want a longboard that was especially designed with females in mind, and also great for guys that don’t want to roll around like an trendy alpha-male…

Read further if you are a female, or a guy that does not want a trendy alpha-male longboard…

First ask yourself how would you like your board to look?  Which longboard characteristics would appeal to you?

We have taken these thoughts into deep consideration – and we have come up with the ULUWATU longboard!

It has warm beach colours and a beautiful surfboard style shape. It’s also for those who feel in touch with nature  – spot the lotus flower in full bloom among it’s beautiful tribal print.

Anything that rolls on wheels is not just for guys – bmx’ing,  skating, longboarding, etc is for every gender and type of person.

More and more girls are hitting the boards, so it’s fantastic that there are some boards out there that are designed with other genders and different types of people in mind. Not every girl wants a cute, girly looking longboard to ride on, they want performance and a fitting design too.

Is there a lack of longboards for girls?

For sure there is! Of course you will find some on the internet, but still – most of them are just too damn ‘girly’ – not all girls want to have the typical stereotype of feathers, butterflies, sparkles and pastel colours under their feet!

Picking the Best Longboards for Beginner Girls

FACT: Most girls are not built the same as guys.

In general, boards (snowboards) for girls are typically a bit shorter and provide more flex.

You may see quite a few styles of longboards to look through on the internet when you Google ‘longboards for girls’, but here’s our tips and recommendations for boards that take ladies into consideration.

Board flex  – stiffness – response

Females usually weigh less than males. This means that females tend to need a lot more flex. 

Having a longboard with more flex will make your board more ‘flexible’ – forgiving, playful, and fun to ride on. A stiff board is usually used if you want to go speeding downhill like a rocket. So, unless you want to attempt to break the speed-barrier, look for a longboard with a good, springy flex. 

How can you tell if a board has a lot of flex?  You will need to look at the wood type and plys (Plys of wood are the layers of wood in your board) 

See some  really springy flex in action (and a peek at some sexy Elmo P.J’s)…

Pintail or Dropthrough – which one is the best longboard for girls?

Hmmmm – This answer depends on personal preference. Pintails offer  more of a surfing style of ride.  Pintails may also be a bit tougher to start out with as a beginner, but they are far better for cruising and carving.

Dropthroughs will offer you better balance and you may learn to ride them faster than with a pintail. Dropthroughs are less fun for carving and cruising though.  But, if you plan on sliding, then a dropthrough is the one you want!

Board Length – Mini cruiser or a big arse full size longboard?

Mini cruisers are great for getting around on – they are a super mode of transport.  They are a great fit for those that are short or medium sized.  Cruisers give you good balance. They provide an easier ride and are highly recommended for beginners.

36″ (91.44 cm) and above is the typical size for a cruiser

It is best to not go over 39″ in length (99.06 cm) because it will make your longboard tougher to steer.

Wheels – Which wheels do I need for longboarding?

No matter if you are a boy or girl, the wheels play a very important role in board performance.  You should look for something with a softer rating (80a or below in ideal) 

What do softer wheels do? – softer wheels on your longboard will give you a smoother and softer ride.  They will grip the road better so you will have more control and won’t go sliding off into the distance.

Large or small wheels?

Big is better! A larger wheel diameter will roll way better than smaller ones – you’ll roll over those cracks, rocks, and bumps in the road much more easily. It’s a longboarders nightmare to get their wheels stopped by a small object that is like slamming on the breaks.  You get catapulted to the ground like a piece of lead – ouch!


Don’t worry about having a high ABEC bearing rating.  A lower rating is okay – this makes it easier to start so you won’t roll too fast.

Finding the perfect beginner longboard for girls.

By your search for the best longboard for girls, please bear these detail in mind… 

Do not get caught up in technical details – you’ll just get confused. You don’t need the most expensive setup gear either! 


(Which riding style is right for you?)

  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Cruising
  • Carving
  • Freestyle
  • Dancing

Go for the board that fits your style and the design you like most, and jump on that beautiful beast and get out there!

Our ULUWATU  – made with girls in mind


by Natalie Pluto