Welcome to our site you crazy lil Asphalt Surfer!

We are CMYK Longboards – And this is our official Blog. 

We want you to go out and liberate yourself – explore the ‘concrete jungle’ on a flaming hot longboard and let us know how it feels!

How ya’ll doing!?

Splash colour and life into the city. Bring a healthy vibe with you everywhere you go – lets continue to explore this wild and liberating journey though the streets.

We want to make sure no-one gets left behind, our vision and our boards will find you – there’s nowhere to hide! – the streets are a solid playground for conscious asphalt surfers.

Be part of the family and hold on for this colossal and colourful ride of a lifetime.

Get on board, or move out the way – this is seriously not for posers – it’s for those who share our vision of a better future filled with the united mentally of Asphalt Surfers

CMYK Longboards